Why knowing how you’re wired makes all the difference

Oct 1, 2019 | 0 comments

Do you know how you can make the best impact in your business? Are you loving running your own company or is it getting you down? Are you drowning in tasks you hate and longing for more time to spend on the ones you love?

These questions are vitally important but often we don’t bother to ask them. We accept that running a business is tough and we tell ourselves to ‘suck it up!’

If you think back to how you felt when you started your business – I’m sure you thought it was going to be great, maybe even fun – right? After all you’re your own boss now. Yay!

One of the most important parts of running a business is understanding who you are and yet it’s something we all take for granted. We look at WHAT our business needs to operate but rarely consider the most important factor, WHO the operators are. How we’re wired impacts the way we deal with people, how we approach different tasks, the way we deal with stress and anxiety and even what we choose to prioritise. It can be the difference between success and failure, loving what you do and resenting it.

We’re all different, some of us are extroverts who like nothing more than talking to people, collaborating, engaging with customers and being front of house. Others prefer the solitude of working on our laptops, head down in a spreadsheet, drinking our coffee and getting things done.

There are those that love nothing more than ticking off a list of tasks, resulting in a great sense of achievement, others would find this incredibly draining and would prefer to spend time planning ahead, creating the ideas and things we need to move the business forward, our focus on the future and all the possibilities it holds.

Imagine a world where you could understand what really makes you tick, what to focus on so you can become a vital asset in your own business and add real value! Once we really understand ourselves and the team around us, we can quickly match the tasks in our business to the people within it and develop a more enjoyable, energetic and harmonious team. We can also figure out who we need in our business to make us successful and find them more easily.

You may ask, ‘Why should I care? People go to work to earn a wage to pay the bills. Business is hard and that’s just life!’ It’s actually very simple. Gaining this insight results in a highly productive workforce, higher employee retainment and a re-found love for the business you probably spent a long time dreaming of. You get to add more value to your business and make it really work for you.

The key point is what drains you and what gives you energy? What tasks do you find yourself procrastinating over? What do you wish you didn’t have to do? How does it make you feel?

The truth is, you’ve probably got someone in your team who would love the tasks you hate and is feeling much the same as you. By a simple process of understanding who is in your business you can quickly realign roles and responsibilities and get a return on your biggest investment, YOUR PEOPLE.


Imagine building a new culture where it doesn’t feel like work anymore! Imagine making a good hire, the right hire – first time, every time. You’ll simply identify the tasks, match it to the type of individual you need and know in advance who you’re really looking for.

Knowing how you’re really wired is a huge eye opener for most people but knowing how your team is wired will be a complete game changer for your business.

If you’d like help with understanding your profile and building a great team around you, please get in touch.


Lisa Zevi – Co-Founder of REAL Business Builders