REAL Business Builders Blueprint™

Feeling overwhelmed in your business and fire-fighting all the time? Worried that your market is shifting and you’ll miss the boat? Not sure how to get the best from your people or perhaps you’re feeling restless and ready to exit but your business isn’t ready to work without you.

The REAL Business Builders Blueprint™ is a power-packed 90-day step by step programme that will help you get organised, find your flow and build the business you actually want.

Diagram of the Real Business Builders Blueprint (TM) created by UK operational business coach Lisa Zevi.

There’s a problem with entrepreneurs at the moment, which means they’re burning out.

Actually, there are THREE problems...


You feel overwhelmed and frustrated – too many ideas and not enough time. You’re so busy firefighting you can’t see clearly. 


You know you need people to help you but you don’t know how to find or manage them. You’re ready to scale but don’t know how.


Your team is not stepping up and sharing the load with you. Your business feels out of control and you’re still involved in too much.

There is a solution…

There is a way forward and it will work for you and your business. It’s a structured framework with the right people and processes allowing you the freedom to drive your business forward.  The REAL Business Builders Blueprint™ is the way to get organised and build a business that works for you.

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The Set for S.U.C.C.E.S.S. System™

Get yourself setup for success. Organise yourself first – the right mindset, the right environment and the right routine. Get clear about your numbers and the standards you set yourself.


The F.I.T as a Fiddle Formula™

Understand what puts you in flow, who you need around you to make you successful, what you’re spending your time on and who the next person is that you need.


The Accelerated Overwhelm Fixer™

Stop doing everything yourself! Finding your perfect customer and how to form the right team. The steps you need to take to get the freedom to do what you love.


The People Performance Maximiser™

Free up your time by getting the best from your people through effective management and communication. The dark art of delegation and how to know who’s doing what.


The C.U.S.T.O.M.E.R. Focused Growth Engine™

Build the engine of growth in your business that will deliver consistency and high quality to your customers as you scale. Structure your business to suits its needs.


The Lead and Succeed Compass™

Who’s the boss? Your role as leader and how to manage conflict and navigate change. Stay connected with your team and your customers as your business grows.

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