The REAL Model™ 


Every business needs to have its purpose, people and processes in place in order to thrive. Without them owners of new businesses may experience frustration and overwhelm, whilst those with more developed businesses may be restless and want more freedom to explore options.


The REAL Model™ starts with the business owner, ensuring they have their head in the right place,  analysing their strengths and who they need around them to make them successful. Taking away energy-zapping tasks and responsibilities is the key to overcoming overwhelm and frustration. Systems that help a business run efficiently and ultimately scale are built so that the owner can get organised and into  their flow.  A clear vision and plan enable the business owner to attract and inspire the right team, partners and customers.

The model is at the heart of Lisa’s work with small businesses helping create a strong foundation for growth or exit through her proven, practical six-step programme, The REAL Business Builders Blueprint™.

REAL Model graphic

four main areas of the REAL Model™ 


To be able to support your customers and the people you work with, you need to start with looking after yourself. You also need to develop the resilience of your business so it’s ready to scale.


Looking at the connections and energy in your business – the people you work with, how to get the best from them and how you find, connect with and serve your perfect customers. 


Strong systems are the engine of growth of your business. Good management creates trust and accountability to deliver consistency and quality for your customers.


As your business grows, you need to continue to be the leader your business needs. Defining a vibrant vision and you core values creates an inspiring plan that people can get behind. 

Access the REAL Model™  in these ways:


Work one to one with Lisa Zevi to get organised, grow your confidence and scale your business.


Join the step by step programme, currently available with a personalised option to work with Lisa herself.


Read Lisa’s book ‘The REAL Entepreneur: How to Simplify, Grow and Enjoy Your Business’ available in paperback, Kindle and Audible.


Small business coach Lisa Zevi created the foundations of the model when she switched from running operations in large corporate businesses and investment banks to coaching smaller businesses.

She realised that there’s a magic that happens when a creative, ambitious visionary meets an operational person who was born to implement. Many entrepreneurs are more naturally drawn to the ‘outward’ facing aspects of their business – the marketing, sales, partnerships, vision. They feel drained and overwhelmed by the ‘inward’ facing tasks – legal, finances, HR, IT. Having worked as a ‘right hand woman’ for many years, Lisa understands how to put the right people and the right systems in place so that the business can thrive. 

Her methods became the framework that she would use with huge success to help her one-to-one clients to build thriving businesses. She introduced this model in her best-selling book ‘The REAL Entrepreneur: How to Simplify, Grow and Enjoy Your Business’ and developed it into the REAL Business Builders Blueprint™ of today. This model still forms the foundation of her one-to-one coaching, workshops and programmes.

Lisa Zevy of REAL Business Builders helps business leaders and entrepreneurs build their businesses.